Original MYA Collection

MYA is one of the top-selling hookah brands worldwide. It is mainly known for its durability, quality and designs. Mostly all shisha lovers prefer MYA for its credibility.

ShopDop.in provides you the latest and premium collection of original MYA hookahs, hoses, chillums, pipes, bases etc online here at very competitive prices. All updated and modern products out by MYA are listed here.

The most impressive part of MYA hookahs is its heavy base and stainless steel stems which help hukkah lovers to produce dense smoke. Each hookah has its own size, color and shape.

Its hoses aka pipes are also of very fine quality. MYA’s Tut, Petite, Coppa, Fedora and Minion are the most demanding hookahs in the Indian market.

Original MYA Collection

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