Kogan Plus Hookah - 3 Hose Stainless Steel Shisha

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What are its main features?

  • Latest design model
  • Transparent glass base
  • Stainless steel body
  • Premium and elegant design
  • 3 Hose option
  • Lock system
  • Fancy bowl
  • 1 Unique silicone hose with a fancy handle
  • Stainless steel down stem
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Why to grab this piece?

  • Design: The design and look of Kogan+ hookah are totally different and advanced.
  • Feature: Kogan+ hookah comes with 3 hose compatibility features. At once three friends can enjoy a shisha session.
  • Base: An elegant wide and heavy transparent base is available in this model. 
  • Body: The entire body of Kogan+ hookah is made up of stainless steel material. Good quality stainless steel upper stem, charcoal plate and down stem.
  • Hose: Premium white color silicone hose with greyish metal handle comes with Kogan+.
  • Bowl: Fancy ceramic bowl comes with this impressive model.
  • Lock System: Handy lock system is available for easy attachment between base and stem.
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