Aafreen Commissioner Herbal Hookah Flavor (50gms)

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  • 100% tobacco, nicotine and tar free product                         
  • Huge and dense smoke
  • No side effects of body
  • Blend of tangy oranges and pan flavor
  • Aafreen premium quality herbal molasses edition 
  • Each pack contains 50gm of Aafreen Commissioner flavor
  • 50gm pack serve up to 4-5 bowls/chillum of Shisha (depends on bowl size)
  • About Flavor: Aafreen Commissioner flavor is a blend of tangy orange and exotic spices used in pan. This flavor provide intense and exotic blast of flavors on your taste buds.
  • Benefits: Herbal molasses never impact negatively on your body because herbal products are 100% tobacco, nicotine and tar free.

  • 50gm Pack: Aafreen flavor is packed in air-tight packaging. So, you can smoke a fresh flavor. Each pack of 50gm of Aafreen Commissioner flavor can serve up to 4-5 bowls of Shisha easily.
  • Note:You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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