Acrylic O-Shape LED Hookah

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  • Material: Acrylic
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Length: 17.5" Inches
  • Hookah Size: 45cm x 24cm x 10.5cm (17.5’’ x 9.5" x 4’’)
  • Pipe Size:1.6 Metre, Silicone Pipe
  • Components: Round Clear Acrylic Base, 16 Led Lighting System with Metal Tongs, German Clay Chillum/Bowl, Virgin Silicone Hose/Pipe

O Shape Acrylic LED Hookah is one of the class hookahs at a very affordable price. This hookah is very stylish in looks. Its LED function and transparent body provide the feel of disco effect in the hookah/shisha session.

  • Base: O Shape hookah base is of a round shape that comes in acrylic material.
  • Height: The height of this hookah is around 17.5" inches including chillum's height. 
  • Pipe: Pipe's length is around 1.6 metre.
  • Components: Round Clear Acrylic Base, Led Lighting System, Metal Tong, German Clay Chillum/Bowl and virgin silicone hose/pipe.
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