AL-Maliki Hookah Magic Charcoal – Pack of 10rolls (100 Discs)

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  • Easy to use
  • Provides huge and dense smoke
  • Lights quickly (with match stick)
  • Pack of 10 Rolls (100 Discs)
  • Approximately 45-50 minutes of burning time
  • Good quality charcoals for your shisha
  • Compatible with all kind of chillums/hookahs


  • Pack of 10 Rolls:- The package contains 10 rolls of magic charcoals, which has 100 polo charcoal discs in it. (1 Roll = 10 Discs)
  • Lights Quickly:- Al – Maliki charcoal lights up easily, even with a match stick or lighter. This is the most preferable quality of such hookah charcoals, which made them call Magic Coal.
  • Works with:- This amazing shisha coal is capable to work with all kinds of hookah chillums, all branded hookahs and in fact with various heat management systems as well Kalouds.
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