Al-Mani Mexicano S Hookah

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What are its main highlights?

  • 100% Original and Imported Brand
  • Made in Germany
  • Stainless steel made interior body and components
  • Wooden designer upper portion
  • Wooden handle leather coated silicone pipe
  • Screw system
  • Anti Rust shisha
  • Diffuser with a down stem
  • German clay chillum with HMD
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Why to grab this model?

  • Material: Imported V2A quality stainless steel is used to design Al-Mani Mexicano S hookah's interior and components.
  • Stem: High quality anti-rust stainless steel stem with premium wooden coating. 
  • System: Very efficient screw system is available in it. This helps you to hold the hookah easily.
  • Diffuser: Al-Mani Mexicano S hookah comes with stainless steel down stem which is attached with a diffuser.
  • Hose: A premium leather coated silicone pipe is available with it which makes this model more wonderful.
  • Bowl: Special German clay bowl comes in the box with aluminum made Drama HMD.
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