CHILL-UMM Vanilla Supari Hookah Flavor (50g + 5g extra)

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  • Premium shisha molasses
  • Dense flavorful smoke
  • 50gm pack + 5gm extra flavor
  • Real taste of ingredients
  • Sweet and smoky aroma of vanilla blend with sweet supari            
  • Long lasting burning life approx. 45minutes
  • Air-tight packaging of 55gm
  • 55gm pack of flavor serves up-to 5-6 bowls(depends on bowl size)
  • About Flavor: CHILL-UMM Vanilla Supari is one of the most selling flavors which has a sweet and smoky aroma of vanilla blended with sweet supari flavor.
  • Molasses: CHILL-UMM use high quality 100% premium molasses in flavors that have long-lasting burning qualities (approx. 45 minutes).
  • 55gm Pack: You can get 10% extra flavor in packaging. CHILL-UMM pack a 55gm molasses in air-tight packaging, so you get a fresh smoking experience every time.
  • Serving: A pack of 55gm flavor can serve up-to 5-6 bowls (depends on bowl size).
  • Note:  You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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