COCOYAYA Single Chiller Bazooka Khalil Hookah / Shisha

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  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Easy to assemble & dissemble
  • No residue smell after wash
  • Royal traditional design
  • For catering and café purpose
  • High quality chiller
  • Chilled heavy Smoke flow
  • Premium stainless steel down stem with a diffuser
  • Components: Glass base, COCOYAYA Basic ceramic chillum, Coal Tray, Khalil Mamoon pipe, Down stem, high-grade metal stem

COCOYAYA Single Chiller Bazooka Khalil Hookah is one of the traditional designer Khalil hookah which has make unique qualities to enrich your hookah smoking session.

  • Base: COCOYAYA Single Chiller Bazooka Khalil Hookah comes with a strong and beautiful traditionally designer glass base which looks pretty amazing.
  • Chiller: Dry Ice can be used in chiller which makes your smoke cool and frosty. It can create an intense and refreshing environment around you during your smoking session.
  • Pipe:  You can get a premium Khalil Mamoon pipe with this hookah which allows smooth inhaling and dense smoke flow during your smoking session.
  • Chillum: You can get COCOYAYA ceramic chillum which allows good heat flow between flavor and charcoal. This chillum didn’t allow the flavor to fall in your shisha base.
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