COCOYAYA Saphire Hookah with Wooden Base and LED Light

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  • Unique design shisha
  • Portable hookah
  • Artistic glass base
  • Ceramic upper part
  • German Clay bowl
  • Diffuser
  • LED Light + Wooden Base (included with hookah)
  • Silicon Pipe with a long handle
  • Heavy glass base
  • Components: Glass base, German clay bowl, silicone pipe, diffuser, LED light with remote, wooden base, ceramic upper part etc.

COCOYAYA Saphire Hookah is one of the most premium models in India. This amazing shisha comes with a wooden base and LED light.

It has many more features which are given below:

  • Upper Part: The upper portion of COCOYAYA Saphire Hookah is made up of high-quality ceramic material which gives it totally different and royal look.
  • Glass Base: Saphire hookah comes with an artistic glass base which makes it more attractive. A lock system is attached to the base which helps you to connect its upper part comfortably.
  • Wooden Base & LED Light: In the box, you will get a wooden base and LED light with this hookah. Saphire is one of the newly launched models which comes with these components. You can operate an LED light with a remote.
  • Diffuser: You will get a pre-fitted diffuser with its down stem. It creates more tiny bubbles which help you to generate dense smoke.
  • Silicone Pipe: For smooth smoke flow, you will get a long metallic handle silicone pipe as well.
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