COCOYAYA Black Vip Magic Hookah Charcoal Tin Box - Pack of 10 (100 Pcs)

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  • Easy to carry and use
  • Easily portable with tin box
  • Premium quality charcoal
  • Lights quickly
  • Chemical-free product
  • Smokeless and low ash deposit
  • Pack of 10 Rolls (100 pcs)
  • Approximately 45-50 minutes of burning time
  • Pack of 10 Rolls: The tin contains 10 rolls of quick light hookah charcoals, which has 100 COCOYAYA Black Vip Magic charcoal pcs in it. (1 Roll = 10 Pcs )
  • Quality: COCOYAYA Black Vip Magic Hookah Charcoal is made with natural ingredients and no chemicals are used to manufacture this product.
  • Lights Quickly: Each charcoal can light up easily, even with a match stick or lighter. This is the most preferable quality of such hookah charcoals, which made them call Magic Coal.
  • Best for Portability: You can easily carry this charcoal in a premium tin box anywhere and enjoy your smoking session anytime.


  • Stay burning charcoal away from children
  • Avoid using petroleum products to light the charcoal it may cause fire and health hazard
  • Stay away flammable products from burning charcoal
  • Avoid wearing clothes which catch fire easily while lighting charcoal
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