The Glowing X Function Tao Hookah

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  • Easy to use and clean
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Fancy and designer hookah
  • Wooden upper stem
  • Modern glass base with radium
  • Shines in the dark/night
  • X Function Technology
  • Down Stem with a Diffuser
  • Innovative shisha
  • Generate dense smoke
  • Medium size hookah
  • Silicone pipe with metal handle
  • Components: Glass base (radium inbuilt), wooden upper stem, down stem with a diffuser, silicone pipe with a long metal handle, metallic coal tray, clay bowl/chillum, tong.

Glowing X Function Tao is the most demanding hookah in the market due to its premium glass base. Check out its qualities below.

  • Quality: This modern hookah has many unique qualities. One of the main features of this shisha is its heavy glass base with radium. Its radium glass base shines in the dark when all lights are off. The smoke-producing capability of this tao is just wow.

  • Wooden Stem: The upper stem of this fancy hookah is made up of high-quality wooden material. Its wooden stem also prepared with radium and it shines in the dark.

  • X Function Technology: Another key feature of this shisha is its X function technology. The smoke exhales from the stem portion.
  • Diffuser: Glowing X Function Tao hookah comes with a perfect diffuser that is fitted with a lower/down stem.
  • Silicone Pipe: With this hookah, you will a get high-quality silicone pipe with a long metallic handle.
  • Diameter:
    Height without chillum: 24 inches
    Height with chillum: 26 inches




  • Is it washable?
  • Is the diffuser comes with it?
  • Is LED Light comes with it?
  • Is this hookah X Function?


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