Gripper Tao Hookah - X Function Technology

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  • Height: 19 inches approx.
  • Elegant model
  • Crystal cut glass base
  • Upper small hookah
  • Metallic stem with X Function Technology
  • Easy to assemble & dissemble
  • Lock system
  • Metallic coal tray/holder
  • Rubber diffuser with down stem
  • German clay bowl
  • Long metal handle silicone pipe
  • Complimentary personal Lanyard Mouth Tip by Shopdop
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Gripper is a premium and updated Russian tao hookah which comes with the X Function Technology. With this model, you will get a complimentary lanyard mouth tip officially by us.

  • Upper Stem: The upper stem of Gripper Tao is made up of high-quality metallic material. It is an X Function Technology hookah which means the back smoke exhales from its stem.
  • Portable: You can easily assemble this hookah within 1 to 2 minutes. Just fill the water in the glass base and attached it with the upper stem. A lock system is available to attach it safely. Now attach the other parts and enjoy a dense smoke session. You can carry this shisha outside also.
  • Rubber Diffuser: A rubber diffuser also comes in the box which helps you to generate more dense smoke during sessions. 
  • Silicone Pipe: A long metal handle silicone pipe comes with Gripper Russian tao hookah. For its stability, spring is also given in the box.
  • Mouth Tip: One interesting thing that comes with this tao hookah is Lanyard Mouth Tip/Nozzle. This accessory is complimentary given by Shopdop.
  • Components: Its other components are a German clay bowl, metallic charcoal plate/holder, tong, essential grommets/rubbers etc.
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 19 inches with chillum & hmd
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