Huksha Thunder Ice Herbal Hookah Flavor (50gms)

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  • 100% Nicotine, Tar and Tobacco Free
  • Original & Pure Golden molasses
  • Premium quality herbal hookah flavor
  • Dense flavorful smoke
  • Green in color
  • Brain freezer of Huksha
  • Gives the real taste of ingredients used in flavor
  • Cool and frosty mood refreshing flavor
  • Long-lasting burning life approx. 90 to 120 minutes
  • Air-tight packaging of 50gm
  • 50gm pack serve up to 4-5 bowls/chillums (depends on bowl size)

Huksha Thunder Ice is the special edition and most selling herbal hookah flavor in the Indian shisha market. It is also known as the Brain Freezer of Huksha.

  • About Flavor: Huksha Thunder Ice is a 100% herbal, nicotine and tar free non-tobacco hookah flavor. It gives the stunning cool and mood refreshing taste ad smoke.
  • Special qualities: Huksha uses original Golden herbal molasses and natural ingredients in their flavors. The attractive point of this extraordinary flavor is its green color. The approximate burning life of Thunder Ice flavor is 90 to 120 minutes (approx).
  • 50gm Pack: In each airtight pack you will get a 50gm herbal hookah flavor.
  • Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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