Kevin Tao Hookah - X Function with Silicone Chillum and Lotus Kaloud

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  • Premium Quality hookah
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • X Function metal stem
  • Down stem with diffuser
  • Lotus Kaloud
  • Produce dense smoke
  • Designer strong glass base
  • Components: Glass base, Silicone chillum, Premium quality long handle silicone pipe, Lotus Kaloud, high-quality X function metal stem, Tong
  • X Function: Kevin Tao Hookah is known for its innovative X Function stem in which stem also act as pressure nob and creates an exotic environment during smoking session.
  • Lotus Kaloud: You can get premium lotus kaloud with this hookah which doesn’t pass ash or chemical gases release from charcoal and gives you a pure flavorful smoke.
  • Glass Base: The glass base of this hookah is uniquely designed which look pretty amazing.
  • Silicone Chillum: You can get silicone chillum which allows good heat flow between flavor and charcoal. This chillum didn’t allow the flavor to fall in your shisha base.
  • Silicone Pipe: You can get long handle silicone pipe with this hookah which provides you dense flavorful smoke in every puff.
  • Dimension: Height: 17inches
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