Lotus Kaloud For Hookah Plus - Aluminium Device For Chillum

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  • Eliminate the need for foil
  • Need very little charcoal rotation
  • Help to produce smooth flavorful smoke
  • Reduce ash and chemical gases that pass from charcoal
  • Long-lasting shisha session
  • Hold approx. 3 charcoal
  • Premium quality aluminum product

Lotus Kaloud is made with premium quality aluminum and has many unique qualities to enlarge your hookah session. This Kaloud is made with high-quality aluminum material which is designed to regulate the transfer of heat flow from charcoal.

  • Heat Flow: Lotus Kaloud deliver a good heat flow between charcoal and flavor so you can get flavorful dense smoke. This also extends the life of flavor and gives you long-lasting smoking session.
  • Qualities: This Kaloud reduces ash, unsettle gases and chemicals pass from charcoal which is a good sign of smoother, cleaner and flavorful smoke.
  • Compatibility: Lotus Kaloud is compatible with every Kaloud fit designed chillum. It can hold approximately 3 charcoal together.


All about Lotus Kaloud (HMS) in Video:


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