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Cup Tumbler Hookah (9.5 in)

Cup Tumbler Hookah (9.5 in)

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  • you don't need bowl (chillum), foil / hmd, puncture nothing needed
  • if you just have coal and flavor somewhere and this compact hookah,
  • you can make hookah anywhere
  • easy packing and unpacking
  • height is 10 inches
  • no bowl
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Easy to Handle
  • Easily Portable
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Anti-Rust
  • Produce huge and dense smoke
  • High quality acrylic material
  • LED light compatible
  • Components:Acrylic hookah body, Silicon Coated Pipe, Acrylic Chillum, Flavor Steel screen, LED light
  • Order will be processed according to color availability

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Specifications :

  • Quality:This hookah is made with high-quality acrylic material which has an anti-rust property that means you can use this hookah in long term.
  • Portability:You can easily carry this hookah anywhere and enjoy your hookah smoking session anytime.
  • Chillum:Chillum of this hookah is also made with acrylic material which can hold up-to 20-25gm of flavor. Flavor steel screen comes fits in chillum don’t let flavor fall in shisha base.
  • LED:You can get LED light with this hookah, which makes an exotic environment around you during smoking session.
  • Pipe:You can get a high-grade silicone pipe with this tumbler hookah. This pipe allows a good flow of smoke and provides you dense smoke sessions.
  • Dimensions:Hookah Height: 10 inches
    Pipe length: 2.7m
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