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Silicone Pull Drawer Hookah Chillum with Tray

Silicone Pull Drawer Hookah Chillum with Tray

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What are its key features?
  • Unbreakable & durable
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Removable sliding drawer with two flavor compartment
  • No need of Kloud or aluminium foil
  • Compatible with every hookah
  • Absorb good amount of heat
  • Good heat flow b/w charcoal & flavor
  • Don’t let your flavor fall in shisha base
  • Deliver more smoke and flavor
  • Hold 20gm of flavor in each compartment (total 40gm)


Why to buy it?

This silicone pull drawer chillum with a tray is a revolutionary design in the history of chillums. This chillum absorbs a good amount of heat and no need for any heat management system to be used with this chillum. There is no need for any grommets with this chillum and compatible with any hookah.

  • Features: This silicone chillum comes with a premium quality aluminum tray for charcoal which is designed for good heat distribution and leaves out unwanted ashes. Silicone pull drawer doesn’t let your flavor fall in shisha base to enhance your shisha session.
  • Sliding Drawer: The sliding drawer for flavor has two compartments which can hold 20gm of flavor in each compartment. So, you can add two of your favorite flavors in a drawer and enjoy your exotic shisha session.
  • Heat Management: This silicone chillum absorbs a good amount of heat and provides great heat flow b/w charcoal and flavor.
  • Dimensions: Top Diameter: 7.5cm Bottom Diameter: 4cm Height: 10cm
  • Dimensions of Pull Drawer: Length: 6.5cm Each compartment diameter: 3cm Depth: 2cm
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