Terracotta American Phunnel Hookah Bowl / Chillum

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  • Easy to clean and wash
  • No residue smell after cleaning
  • Absorb high-temperature heat
  • Good heat distribution
  • High-grade terracotta material
  • Phunnel shape bowl
  • Hold 20-25gm of flavor
  • Last-long flavor time (approx. 45minutes)
  • Heat Management: Terracotta American Phunnel chillum is made with high grade terracotta material which can absorb a huge amount of heat and save your flavor from heat.
  • Bowl Design: Terracotta American chillum has single phunnel design bowl that allow a smooth smoke flow and save flavor to fall in shisha base.
  • Compatibility: Terracotta American Phunnel Hookah chillum is compatible with every hookah.
  • No Awful Smell: You can easily wash or clean this chillum and it didn’t allow previously used flavor fragrance to ruin your ongoing shisha session.
  • Dimension: Height: 11cm
                       Depth: 2cm
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