Thundergod Russian Tao Hookah

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Special Price ₹2,999.00 Regular Price ₹4,999.00
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Easily portable
  • With silicone bowl and kaloud
  • Complimentary ShopDop's official Mouth tip with lanyard
  • Metal handle silicone hose/pipe
  • Metallic designer upper stem
  • In-built diffuser
  • Generate dense smoke
  • Mid-range hookah
  • Impressive glass base
  • Components: Glass base, silicone chillum, lotus kaloud, Coal Tray, Premium quality silicone pipe with metal handle, Down stem with a diffuser, High grade designed stem, Tong, essential grommets/rubbers etc

Thundergod is a new and good demanding glass base hookah that is now available in our collection. It is a medium/small size shisha with many benefits.

With this hookah, you will get a complimentary Laneyard Mouth Tip officially by Shopdop.

Let's check out its other features:

  • Base: The base of this hookah is made with high-quality strong glass material which looks unique and attractive. 
  • Silicone Bowl & Lotus Kaloud: With this elegant model, you will get a combo of top-quality silicone bowl and aluminum-made lotus kaloud which offers remarkable shisha sessions every time.
  • Down Stem: Thundergod has good quality down stem with an attached diffuser that allows good smoke flow during your shisha session.
  • Silicone Pipe: You can get high-grade long handle silicone pipe with this hookah which allows a smooth flow of flavorful dense smoke.
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