Triplet Russian Tao Hookah - 3 Hose Shisha

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Special Price ₹3,599.00 Regular Price ₹4,999.00
  • Medium size hookah
  • 3 hose compatibility
  • Strong cut design glass base
  • Russian design tao
  • Silicone bowl & Lotus kaloud
  • Diffuser
  • Sleek metal handle silicone pipe
  • Complimentary ShopDop's official mouth tip with lanyard
  • Metallic upper stem and charcoal plate
  • Components: Glass base, upper stem, charcoal plate, silicone bowl, kaloud, mouth tip, diffuser, 1 silicone pipe, essential grommets/rubbers etc.

Triplet Tao is one of the highly trending hookah models in our inventory. It is a 3 hose compatible shisha.

Let's check out its other features:

  • Quality: The design of Triplet Russian Tao hookah is good. It carries out a strong cut design glass base. It is a mid-size shisha with fine features.
  • 3 Hose: One of the key features of this hookah is its 3 hose connectivity option. At once you can fit 3 hookah pipes in this hookah. 
  • Silicone Bowl & Lotus Kaloud: With this premium model you will get a silicone chillum and lotus kaloud which offers an impressive hookah session.
  • Diffuser: Triplet Russian Tao hookah comes with a diffuser inability. Now you can create more dense smoke from this one.
  • Silicone Pipe: In the box, you will get a sleek metal handle silicone pipe which gives smooth smoke flow.
  • Mouth Tip: You will get a complimentary ShopDop's official mouth tip with a lanyard in the box. 
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