How to use Space Smoke Paste Tubes on hookah bowl?

How to use Space Smoke Paste Tubes on hookah bowl?

What is Space Smoke Paste?

  • Space Smoke is a Russian brand which provides different kind of experience for hookah lovers in India.
  • It offers shisha flavors in paste form with different tastes.

What makes it unique and different?

  • Space smoke decides to offers a rich taste of flavors in India in a cream form. 

  • In India, you can find out Space Smoke cream flavors online exclusively only.

How to use Space Smoke Paste?

  • The most important thing about this paste flavors is its usage, many people don't know how to use it exactly so don't worry you will find that answer as well below.
  • Space Smoke paste can easily be used on any ceramic bowl. You can use space smoke lonely as well.
  • Another key thing about this paste is that you can mixed it with tobacco flavors as well and used it.

  • The average running time of one paste bowl is 2+ hours. You can pause and start the same bowl as well.


  • There are so many ways of using Space Smoke paste creams.The another is mixing with molasses like this 


 These are some interesting ways to use Space Smoke paste.

How many flavors are available in it?

  • It is very difficult to say exact number but yeah you can find more than 100+ flavors in it. 

Where i can buy Space Smoke in India?

  • That's a nice question but its answer is very simple -


Which bowl is best for Space Smoke Paste?

Is there any combo of Space Smoke Paste and Bowl?

You can grab this combo and try this amazing experience with your hookah.

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