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Space Smoke Werkbund Hookah Phunnel Bowl

Space Smoke Werkbund Hookah Phunnel Bowl

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What are its key highlights?

  • Brand: Space Smoke
  • 100% Original & Genuine
  • Best of Cream Paste & Molasses as well
  • Premium quality phunnel bowl
  • Ceramic upper portion with mixed below portion
  • Compatible on any hookah
  • Space Smoke cream is mostly used on it
  • Dual Tone phunnel
  • Flavor capacity upto 20g

About Werkbund Phunnel

- Made in Russia
- with Russian white ceramics 
- available in blue space color
- it's a werkbund + space smoke collection product
- with enamel coating 
- it has a crate shaped phunnel hole
- which prevents molasses from falling down into the hole
- it's made with a special material, Tongemisch
- which increases the intensity of flavor taste 
- every Werkbund Zeus model is handmade 
- of course the shape and color may slightly differ 
- Dimensions : 
Width: about 7.5cm
Height: about 12cm
Depth: about 0.8cm
Volume: about 20g

The Space Bowl Classic Phunnel provides a distinctive smoking experience. Due to its enormous heat resistance and its rapid heat absorption, it ensures the optimal development of the Space Smoke hookah pastes .

Handmade from Russia - Unique design and excellent quality! The Werkbund Phunnel heads are traditionally handmade in Russia and covered with a heat-resistant glaze. Every hookah funnel head from Werkbund is unique .

High Quality Material - The Werkbund Phunnel head consists of a first-class clay mixture. This mixture offers an excellent combination of heat retention and heat distribution. Whether tobacco, paste or steam stones, the bowl always offers an optimal smoking experience.

Easy to Clean - Thanks to the fine coating (glaze) and the high quality standards during processing, tobacco residue can be easily removed. Both the material and the shape of the Phunnel head ensure that no molasses or tobacco residues get into the bowl.

Optimal Smoking Experience - The high-quality workmanship of the Phunnel head is of course particularly evident when smoking. You can smoke comparatively longer with a smaller amount of tobacco than you may be used to.

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