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Black Mamba

Black Mamba Aluminum Foil 50pcs - 40 Micron (Pack of 2)

Black Mamba Aluminum Foil 50pcs - 40 Micron (Pack of 2)

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Black Mamba Foil



Introducing our Black Mamba Hookah Aluminum Foil Combo - a must-have for hookah enthusiasts seeking perfection in every session.

This combo features two packs of heavy-duty foil, each boasting 40 microns thickness, providing optimal heat management and durability for an unrivaled smoking experience.

  • Heavy-Duty Precision: Crafted with precision, our Black Mamba Aluminum Foil is 40 microns thick, ensuring a robust and reliable performance.
    Elevate your hookah sessions with foil that can withstand heat and deliver consistent results.
  • Pre-Cut for Convenience: Each pack includes 50 pre-cut foil pieces, measuring a perfect 14cmx14cm.
    Experience the convenience of ready-to-use foil, saving you time and effort in preparation while ensuring a snug fit for any bowl.
  • Single Sheet Perfection: Black Mamba Aluminum Foil is designed for efficiency. With a single sheet per session, achieve optimal heat management, allowing you to focus on enjoying the rich and flavorful clouds without worrying about foil adjustments.
  • Perfect Size for Any Bowl: Versatility meets precision! Our foil sheets are perfectly sized at 14cmx14cm, making them suitable for any hookah bowl. Experience a secure fit that enhances the overall heat distribution for an exceptional smoking session.
  • Heat Management Mastery: Black Mamba Aluminum Foil is not just foil; it's a heat management solution. Achieve the perfect balance of heat, enhancing the flavors of your shisha and ensuring a consistently satisfying hookah experience.



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