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Black Mamba

Black Mamba Basic Hookah HMD - Heat Management Device

Black Mamba Basic Hookah HMD - Heat Management Device

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  • Color : Silver

Scope of Delivery

  • heat management device
  • box


  • HMD : aluminum

Why Black Mamba Basic Hookah Heat Management Device (HMD)?

Introducing the Black Mamba Basic HMD, a revolutionary heat management device crafted from high-quality aluminum in a sleek silver finish.
Engineered as the perfect alternative to traditional foil, this portable and reusable HMD promises to redefine your hookah sessions.

  • Precision Heat Management: Say goodbye to the guesswork of traditional foil. The Black Mamba Basic HMD provides a consistent and balanced distribution of heat between your coconut charcoals and flavorful shisha. Enjoy enhanced flavors and thick, satisfying clouds with every puff.
  • Portable & Reusable: Designed with convenience in mind, the Black Mamba Basic HMD is portable and reusable, making it an ideal companion for both home and on-the-go hookah sessions.
    Say farewell to the hassle of preparing foil and embrace the simplicity of this innovative heat management solution.
  • Three-Coal Capacity: Unleash the full potential of your hookah setup with the Black Mamba Basic HMD, capable of holding up to three coconut charcoals at once.
    Experience prolonged and consistent heat, ensuring a prolonged and enjoyable hookah session.
  • Universal Compatibility: Versatility meets innovation! The Black Mamba Basic HMD is compatible with almost all types of phunnel bowls and silicone chillums, offering a seamless fit for your favorite hookah setup.
    Enjoy a hassle-free and efficient heat management solution that enhances your overall hookah experience.
  • Upgrade Your Hookah Game: Elevate your hookah experience with the Black Mamba Basic HMD. Don't settle for the ordinary; embrace the convenience, precision, and portability this HMD brings to your sessions.


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