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Pack of 2 - Long Premium Hookah Mouth Tips (100pcs)

Pack of 2 - Long Premium Hookah Mouth Tips (100pcs)

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Long Premium Hookah Mouth Tips – 50pcs



Introducing our premium combo pack of 2 long hookah mouth tips/filters, designed to enhance your smoking experience while ensuring hygiene and convenience.

Each mouth tip measures 4 inches (10 cm) in length and comes in vibrant multicolor options to add flair to your hookah sessions.

Crafted from thick and high-quality acrylic, these mouth tips offer durability and comfort during use. .

Their superior construction ensures a smooth and satisfying smoking experience with every puff.

Ideal for group smoking sessions, these mouth tips provide hygienic smoking by preventing the direct sharing of hookah pipes.

This promotes a cleaner and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Easy to use and compatible with most hookah setups, these mouth tips effortlessly attach to your hookah hose for instant use.

Their sterile packaging ensures cleanliness until they are ready to be used, providing peace of mind for your smoking sessions.

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