COCOYAYA Mr. Tom 2.0 Hookah with Silicone Chillum and Lotus Kaloud

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  • Premium Range Hookah by COCOYAYA
  • Compact design hookah
  • SS 304 Grade 100% stainless steel
  • Handmade cut glass designer base
  • Heavy steel diffuser
  • Metal ball bearing pressure nob
  • Dense smoke in early puffs
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • No rust issues
  • Smooth smoke flow
  • Long term running hookah
  • Components: Cut-Glass Base, Stainless steel stem, Diffuser, Pipe, Coal Tray, Chillum, Lotus Kaloud and Tong.
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Did you hear about Mr. Tom? COCOYAYA MR TOM 2.0 is an upgraded version of MR TOM hookah. One of the most asked hookah of 2020 in this price range. Its qualities and performance made it hot cake item in our collection. Now we are coming with more innovative and improved upgraded version of Mr. Tom.

In Mr. Tom 2.0 (which is also a ShopDop exclusive product) you can see many major changes not only in look wise also inbuilt quality. MR TOM 2.0 components are made with high-quality SS 304 grade stainless steel material that didn’t catch rust easily

      • Cut-Glass Base: The main key attraction of MR TOM 2.0 hookah is the handmade cut glass decorative base. Cut glass design increases the refraction of light which is the main feature of good glassware.

  • Graceful Metal Coal Tray : Printed right on the coal tray, it is also the proof of genuineity.


  • Stem: Stainless steel stem of MR TOM 2.0 allows you to forget about the rusting issues which you might be facing in other medium price range hookahs. It generate smooth and very heavy dense smoke. So, from now on you can get dense smoke in your beginning puffs easily.

    • Diffuser: You can get a heavy diffuser with TOM 2.0 hookah that is used in the filtration of smoke. A diffuser creates hundreds of tiny bubbles in the water which is very much needed to deliver a smooth smoke flow.

    • Pressure Nob: Metal ball bearing is fitted in pressure nob of MR TOM 2.0 which is used to keep hookah air-tight while inhaling smoke.

    • Silicone Chillum: You can get food grade COCOYAYA silicone chillum with TOM 2.0 that can hold up-to 20-25gm of flavor. This chillum can absorb a huge amount of heat and provide a good life to flavor.

    • Kaloud (HMS): Lotus Kaloud comes along with this hookah is easily compatible with silicone chillum. This heat management device eliminate chemical gases pass from the charcoal and provide you a pure flavorful smoke.


  • Pipe: COCOYAYA fiber handle leather coated pipe comes along with this hookah. It gives you a good smoke flow in every puff.
  • Dimensions: Height: 8inches
    Height with chillum: 12inches
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