MYA 116x Original Hookah - MX Function

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  • Brand: MYA
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • No residue smell after wash
  • MX Function Technology
  • Produce smooth and dense smoke
  • Components: Glass Base, Coal plate, Stem, MX Functional down stem Leather coated wooden tip hookah pipe, Mya ceramic chillum/ bowl, Tong

MYA 116x hookah is one of the revolutionary hookah introduced by MYA that has very unique function called MX Function. This hookah also has many unique qualities to make your smoking session intense.

  • MX Function: You can get a purge valve fitted down stem which can eliminate the trapped unwanted gasses from the hookah base and provides you a harmless flavorful smoke.
  • Base: This hookah has very unique style glass base with good stability and design look very innovative.
  • Chillum: MYA 116x is come along with high quality ceramic chillum which allow good smoke flow and enhance your smoking session.  
  • Pipe/ Hose: You can get leather coated wooden tip hookah pipe with this hookah which provides you long-lasting flavorful dense smoke. You can easily wash or clean this pipe.
  • Dimensions: Hookah height: 22inches
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