What Makes WD Hookah so unique and special? Available Online in India @shopdop

What makes WD Hookah Unique and Special?

Hi ShopDopers,

Many of you may hear the name of WD Hookah in India if not then read till the end you will know each and everything about it.

What is WD Hookah?

  • It's a German brand which manufacture and provide some elegant and classy hookahs in pure stainless steel (anti rust) all around the globe.


What makes its different?

  • One of the key points of WD Hookah is its material and mesmerizing design.
  • WD Hookah belongs from our Hybrid Series.
  • It provides many types of shishas such as 4 pipe designs, single hose model and many other.
  • Another thing which makes its different and special is its editions (Golden Edition, Black Edition, Rainbow Edition and many more).

Why to buy WD Hookah?

  • In India, many people love to smoke hookah on regular basis so they change their models after sometime but there are some people who smoke occasionally and searching for a hookah which gives them smoke as well and makes their drawing room or special room attractive as well (WD Hookah specially for those people).
  • Some of its 4 pipe models will help you to enjoy flavorful session with your loved ones or friends together.


  • If you are planning to purchase any hookah for next 4-5 or more years then WD must be a good option for investment in shisha.
  • The stainless steel used and other ingredients makes its totally anti rust (but you have to clean it time to time after session).
  • Another key feature of WD hookahs is its closed chamber system.
  • The glass quality its design and finishing will surely makes you happy again and again if you experience it once.

Is there only 4 hose models in WD Hookah?

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