cheapest MYA Hookah in India ( full retail rate list)

Question : which is the cheapest MYA Hookah in India ?

Answer : MYA Petite {₹1,450/- (Shipping Free)}

Yes, that's right.
Petite is the most popular model in India
In fact, this is the only reason
MYA Saray has got the chance to land 
so many other models as well.

Go for it !

if you are looking for a good hookah
at good price. This can be the best choice.

ORDER ONLINE MYA Petite Hookah (all in India Delivery)

But there are several other models as well 
which are best alternative of MYA & Petite.
Not even in terms of price, but specifications as well.

Cheapest MYA Hookah Models in India 

  • MYA Bijou Hookah (₹1450/-)
  • MYA Minion Hookah (₹1450/-)
  • MYA Minionette Hookah (₹1450/-)

    And of course MYA Petite too. So we have,
    4 Models of same price and same look.

    There are some other models as well.

    Other models are also available in India

    Medium Height Models by MYA Hookah

    Long Models by MYA Hookah

    All of them are 100% original.
    Follow the hyperlink and
    place your order online
    Home Delivery anywhere in India.

    Any questions.
    Please comment below.

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