Collection: MYA Hookah Original Products in India (MYA Saray)

MYA Saray is one of the most popular brand around the globe. 

In India, they MYA Hookah has gained alot of popularly because of their some economic shisha models like :

- MYA Petite Hookah 
- MYA Minionette Hookah 
- MYA Minion Hookah 

Recently, they have also launched some new models as well, like :

- MYA Chico Hookah
- MYA Heera Hookah 

Actually, their products can be found in our,
Generic Series Hookah (ultra - economic models)
- Dimitri Series Hookah (medium price range)
- Fortune Series Hookah (long and premium range products)
- Hookah Pipes by MYA Saray
- Charcoal by MYA Genie
- Original MYA Hookah Flavors
- Glass vase
(for damaged hookahs)

In the below list you can find almost of products by MYA Saray in India
Alot of them keep on coming and going out of stock. 

If you have any requirements regarding any MYA Hookah model
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