Can I use one coal instead of two for a hookah session?

Yes, it is possible to use one coal instead of two for a hookah session, but it may affect the overall heat and smoking experience.

Using only one coal can result in lower heat intensity, which may lead to weaker smoke production and less flavor. However, some individuals prefer a milder session, and using one coal can help achieve that. It's all about personal preference and finding the right balance for your desired smoking experience.

If you decide to use a single coal, it's important to manage the heat carefully. You can start with one coal and monitor the session closely. If you feel that the heat is insufficient or the smoke is weak, you can add another coal as needed. Adjusting the coal placement, airflow, or packing density can also help optimize the heat distribution with a single coal.

Remember to exercise caution when handling hot coals and always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the specific type of coals you are using.

Additionally, keep in mind that using fewer coals may affect the duration of the session, as the heat source may burn out faster compared to using multiple coals.

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