How long should I heat my coals for with an HMD?

The amount of time you need to heat your coals for with an HMD will depend on the type of coals you are using, the size of your HMD, and your personal preferences. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should heat your coals for about 8-12 minutes before using them with an HMD.

Here are some tips for heating your coals for use with an HMD:

  • Use natural coals, such as coconut coals, rather than quick light coals. Natural coals will produce a more consistent heat and will last longer.
  • Heat your coals on a high heat setting. This will help them to heat up more quickly.
  • Use a coal heater, such as a stovetop coil or a gas burner, to heat your coals. This will help them to heat up more evenly.
  • Once your coals are heated, let them cool for a few minutes before using them with your HMD. This will help to prevent them from burning your shisha.

Here are some signs that your coals are ready to use with an HMD:

  • The coals should be glowing red all over.
  • The coals should be hot to the touch.
  • The coals should produce a white smoke.

If your coals are not glowing red all over, they are not ready to use. If your coals are too hot, they will burn your shisha. If your coals are not producing any smoke, they are not hot enough.

Experiment with different heating times and temperatures to find what works best for you. With a little practice, you will be able to heat your coals perfectly every time.

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