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COCO Sultan

Pack of 10kg (Peti) - COCO Sultan Coconut Coal (72pcs Each 1 kg) - Carton

Pack of 10kg (Peti) - COCO Sultan Coconut Coal (72pcs Each 1 kg) - Carton

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  • Brand: COCO Sultan
  • Quantity - 10 Box (full carten/peti)
  • Weight : 10 kg coal total
  • Pieces : 720 cubical pcs
  • Size : 2.5x2.5x2.5cm
  • One free glove inside the each box (total 10 gloves in 10 boxes)
  • Made in Indonesia
  • 100% natural coconut coal
  • Totally organic and chemical free
  • Long lasting coconut coal for hookah
  • 3 pieces are enough for 1 long session more than 60+ minutes

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Useful Information

  • Low Ash < 2%
  • Fixed Carbon > 82%

Selling In Countries

  • India
  • France
  • UAE
  • Lebanon

More Details

  • Environment Friendly : This charcoal is a gift  to nature. No trees were harmed in its making. Its a pure chemical free choice for both consumer and the environment. One sets lasts a full session without hassle.
  • Superior Burning Time : These charcoals outlast others, burning for over 60+ minutes. They are robust, surviving, many drops without a scratch. Smokeless, odorless and spark free. Light them up effortlessly, and enjoy extended burn time.
  • Pure Essence, Less Ash : Crafted from 100% Sulawesi coconut shells, this charcoal is a breadth of fresh air. No unpleasant odours when lighting. It won't compromise your tobacco's true flavour, leaving behind minimal ash.
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