How to fill a proper hookah chillum or bowl?

How to fill a proper hookah chillum or bowl?

Hey ShopDopers,

Many of our followers and customers are unable to make hookah chillum properly so we decided to help you in that via this blog.

Let's Start..

  • First you have to cut the flavor properly if it is wide in size.
  • Mix its juice properly to enjoy the real taste.
  • An average size of hookah bowl holds 18-22 grams of flavors at once, so mix flavor as per your bowl size.
  • Start filling the bowl with flavor filling fork.



  • Keep in mind your flavor should not be completely tight in the bowl (flavor ko zyada dabake na bharein use thoda loose loose hi fill kre aur fir fork se set krein).


  • Another thing to keep in mind is to leave some space between the flavor and holes (agr aap silicone bowl use krte hain to uske holes se flavors ko side krdein, aue agr phunnel use krte hain to flavor automatically side mein hi fill hoga bas use hole ke upr na ane dein).
  • After filling clean the bowl properly like this.


  • After cleaning now your phunnel bowl or chillum is ready put heat management device or foil (depends on you what you use). 

Making a Fresh Hookah Chillum 


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