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Al Burj

Al Burj Blue Velvet Hookah Flavor - 50g

Al Burj Blue Velvet Hookah Flavor - 50g

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  • Hookah flavor by Kuber Group
  • Pack: 50g
  • Comes in zip lock pouch
  • Amazing shisha molasses now in India
  • Finest quality tobacco hookah flavour
  • Serves 3-4 bowls (depends on your chillum size)


  • Mix It: Before each use, squeeze the pouch to get the juices flowing. Mix evenly with the tobacco.
  • Pack it: Using your index finger and thumb - if they are not available grab some tongs - pinch and sprinkle it in your bowl. Wrap it with foil and add hot coal.
  • Smoke it: Inhale, exhale, repeat as often you like. We have got tons of this stuff.
  • Stash it: Seal tight. Store in a cool place . Don't forget: fridge is for food not for Al Burj.
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