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Al Fakher

Al Fakher Gulabi Paan 1kg Bucket Flavor Combo at Rs 2499/-

Al Fakher Gulabi Paan 1kg Bucket Flavor Combo at Rs 2499/-

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Combo Details


  • Taste - Gulabi Paan
  • Quantity - 1kg Bucket
  • Coconut Coal - 1kg by Coco Sultan
  • Mouth Tip Pack (50pcs)

Flavor 1kg Bucket

  • Ingredients : Tobacco, Molasses, Glycerine, Natural and Synthetic Flavors
  • It has juicy shisha molasses and not too wet as well 
  • always fresh and naturally flavored 
  • every particle generates dense smoke
  • Made in UAE (under the authority of AF Development Holding Limited)
  • Imported in India by United Brands of Shisha India Pvt. Ltd.

Coconut Coal - 1 kg (72pcs)

  • Brand: COCO Sultan
  • Weight : 1 kg coal
  • Pieces : 72pcs
  • Size : 2.5x2.5x2.5cm
  • One free glove inside the box
  • Made in Indonesia
  • 100% natural coconut coal
  • Totally organic and chemical free
  • Long lasting coconut coal for hookah
  • 3 pieces are enough for 1 long session more than 60+ minutes

Useful Information

  • Low Ash < 2%
  • Fixed Carbon > 82%

Selling In Countries

  • India
  • France
  • UAE
  • Lebanon

Mouth Tips (50pcs)

  • Hygienic smoking in groups
  • Easy to use
  • Easily compatible
  • Sterile till using
  • High quality food grade plastic
  • Pack of 50 nozzles

  • Hygiene: Long Plastic Nozzles make your group hookah smoking hygienic whenever you share a pipe/hose with another person and reduce the chance of infection transmission.
  • Quality: These hookah nozzles are made with high food grade plastic which is packed in the packet to keep it sterile till using.
  • Compatibility: Long Plastic Nozzles has a standard size so, these nozzles are easily compatible with any pipe/hose.
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Al Fakher Gulabi Paan 1kg Bucket

Gulab ke phoolon (rose) ka khushboo aur swaad

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COCO Sultan Coconut Coal 1kg

Traditional Indian paan ka teekha aur masti bhara swaad

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Mouth Tip Pack (50pcs)

Must required accessory for hygienic session

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