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Bullet Russian Tao Hookah - X Function Technology

Regular price
Rs. 3,850.00
Regular price
Rs. 6,999.00
Sale price
Rs. 3,850.00

What are its key features?

  • Wide & strong glass base
  • Assembled easily
  • X Function Technology
  • Smoke exhales from the button attached to it
  • Medium size (decent height)
  • Free silicone chillum & heat management device
  • Silicone hose with a long handle
  • Essential grommets/components included

Why it is best?

  • Metal Stem: The upper stem is made of good quality metal. It is totally unique and looks attractive.
  • Diffuser:With the down stem you will get a diffuser also which enables you to produce more smoke.
  • Glass Base: Bullet carries a heavy and strong plain glass base which is convenient to use and carry.
  • Silicone Bowl: Yes, a free silicone bowl comes with Bullet X Function tao hookah.
  • HMD: An aluminum-made heat management device also comes with this model totally free.
  • Silicone Pipe: Long metal handle with a silicone pipe comes in the Bullet's box.
  • Price: In this price range, this model is quite impressive.

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