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Ceramic Khamoon Hookah Bowl / Chillum

Ceramic Khamoon Hookah Bowl / Chillum

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  • Easy to fit with all kind of hookahs
  • No residue smell after wash
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Hold up to 20-25gm of flavor
  • Slow-burning of coal & long-lasting flavor
  • Order will be processed according to color availability

Ceramic Khamoon hookah chillum is a very unique and innovative designer chillum. This chillum has many unique features to enhance your hookah smoking session.

  • Material:This chillum is made with strong ceramic material which allows good flavorful dense smoke flow.
  • No Stinky Smell:This ceramic chillum is easy to clean or wash and didn’t allow previously used flavor fragrance to ruin your ongoing shisha session.
  • Quantity:Alshan Khamoon chillum can hold 20-25gm of flavor in a bowl. So, you can enjoy long-lasting shisha session.
  • Dimensions:Height: 4 inches (approx), Width: upper: 4inches
  • (approx) Lower: 1.5 inches Depth: 1 Inch
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