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Combo - 20 Different Tastes by Extreme (100gm Each) + 2 kg Coconut Coal

Combo - 20 Different Tastes by Extreme (100gm Each) + 2 kg Coconut Coal

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First and foremost, we present "20 Different Tastes by Extreme," encapsulated in 100g airtight boxes.

This unique collection offers you a wide spectrum of flavors, each narrating its own distinctive story.

But that's not all; we shed light on another essential component – 2 kg of Coconut Coal by Coco Sultan.

With 144 pieces in total (and a complimentary glove inside each box), this natural charcoal ensures clean and hassle-free burning, allowing you to savor every puff without any bitterness or discomfort.

Certainly! Let's delve into each flavor of the "20 Different Tastes by Extreme" collection, providing a detailed description for each:

  1. Orange: Experience the tangy zest of freshly squeezed oranges, invigorating your senses with its vibrant citrus aroma and refreshing taste.

  2. American Freezer: Feel the chill of the American Freezer as it delivers a frosty blast of menthol, leaving a cool and invigorating sensation with every inhale.

  3. Ice Mango: Indulge in the succulent sweetness of ripe mangoes, enhanced with a cool twist of icy menthol, creating a harmonious blend of tropical delight and refreshing coolness.

  4. Royal Pan Masala: Transport yourself to the opulent palaces of India with this regal blend of aromatic spices, offering a sophisticated fusion of exotic flavors reminiscent of traditional pan masala.

  5. Blueberry: Dive into the juicy richness of plump blueberries, tantalizing your taste buds with their sweet and slightly tart flavor profile, leaving a lingering fruity aroma in the air.

  6. Grape: Savor the essence of sun-ripened grapes, bursting with luscious sweetness and a hint of tartness, creating a grape-flavored smoke that is both bold and refreshing.

  7. Mint: Refresh and revitalize with the classic coolness of mint, delivering a crisp and invigorating sensation with every inhale, perfect for cleansing the palate and refreshing the senses.

  8. Mix Fruit: Embark on a flavor-filled journey with a medley of mixed fruits, combining the juiciness of various fruits into a harmonious blend that delights the palate with its complexity and sweetness.

  9. Spring Water: Immerse yourself in the pure freshness of spring water, capturing the essence of pristine mountain streams with its clean and crisp flavor, offering a refreshing and hydrating smoke experience.

  10. Commissioner: Unravel the mystery of Commissioner with its intriguing blend of exotic spices and herbs, offering a complex and aromatic flavor profile that keeps you coming back for more.

  11. Ice Lush: Delight in the luxurious chill of Ice Lush, where icy menthol intertwines with hints of fruity sweetness, creating a refreshing and indulgent smoke that soothes the senses.

  12. Watermelon: Quench your thirst with the juicy goodness of watermelon, delivering a burst of sweet and refreshing flavor that captures the essence of summer in every puff.

  13. Brain Freezer:  One of the best selling flavors of any brand is Brain Freezer so how can Extreme survive without it. Mixture of 2-3 different tastes.

  14. Pan Kiwi Mint: Explore a fusion of flavors with Pan Kiwi Mint, combining the sweetness of kiwi with the coolness of mint, creating a refreshing and invigorating smoke that delights the senses.

  15. Gum: Feel the taste of gum in each drag. Mix it with other flavours to get a different aroma and taste.

  16. Berfila Pan: Transport yourself to the bustling streets of India with Berfila Pan, a traditional blend of pan masala infused with aromatic spices and herbs, delivering a bold and flavorful smoke that evokes memories of cultural indulgence.

  17. Love 66: Trending and most popular flavor of this brand. Something different which you can taste.

  18. Sea Breeze: Refresh your senses with the cool and invigorating taste of Sea Breeze, capturing the essence of oceanic freshness with its crisp and revitalizing flavor profile.

  19. Vanilla: Indulge in the creamy sweetness of vanilla, offering a smooth and decadent smoke experience that is both comforting and luxurious, reminiscent of a creamy dessert.

  20. Zafran Pan: Elevate your hookah experience with Zafran Pan, a luxurious blend of saffron-infused paan masala, offering a rich and indulgent smoke with a hint of exotic spice and floral sweetness.

With 2 kg of Coco Sultan Coconut Coal included in this combo pack, you'll have an ample supply of premium charcoal to fuel your hookah adventures.

Each box contains 144 pieces of coconut coal, providing long-lasting heat and minimal ash residue.

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