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Combo Pack - Black Mamba Basic HMD + Black Mamba Foil (50pcs)

Combo Pack - Black Mamba Basic HMD + Black Mamba Foil (50pcs)

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What you will get in this combo?



Black Mamba Basic Heat Management Device (HMD)


Black Mamba Aluminum Foil
(50 Sheets) - 40 Microns


  • Black Mamba Basic HMD
  • Black Mamba Aluminum Foil
  • Both of these products are offered by Black Mamba
  • Now you easily pack your chillum as per your mood (if you want to use foil then it is also given in this and basic HMD is also provided as well)
  • Combo compatible with any hookah
  • HMD can hold 3 cubic coconut charcoals at once


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