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Combo Pack - COCO Sultan 1000watt Burner (Hot Plate) + 1 kg Coconut Coal

Combo Pack - COCO Sultan 1000watt Burner (Hot Plate) + 1 kg Coconut Coal

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COCO Sultan 1000watt Coal Burner (Heater)


COCO Sultan Coconut Coal 1 kg  (72pcs)



Introducing the ultimate hookah combo pack by COCO Sultan - the perfect solution for hassle-free and enjoyable hookah sessions.

This combo includes a powerful 1000-watt Coal Burner (hot plate), also known as a heater, alongside 1 kg of COCO Sultan Coconut Coal, consisting of 72 premium quality pieces, with an added bonus of one free glove inside the box.

The COCO Sultan 1000-watt Coal Burner provides rapid and efficient heating, ensuring your coals are ready to use in no time.

Its compact design and robust construction make it an ideal companion for both home and outdoor hookah setups.

Paired with the Coal Burner is the COCO Sultan Coconut Coal, crafted from high-quality Indonesian coconut shells.

Each piece is carefully processed to deliver a clean and consistent burn, free from any unpleasant odors or impurities.

With 72 pieces included in the pack, you'll have an ample supply to last through multiple hookah sessions.

To further enhance your hookah experience, we've included a free glove inside the box for convenient and mess-free handling of the coal.

This thoughtful addition ensures that you can handle the coals safely and with precision, allowing you to focus on enjoying your hookah session to the fullest.

With the COCO Sultan Coal Burner and Coconut Coal Combo Pack, you're getting the best of both worlds - a powerful and efficient heating solution paired with premium quality coconut coals, all in one convenient package.

Elevate your hookah experience with this unbeatable combo and enjoy smooth, flavorful, and uninterrupted smoking sessions like never before.

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