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Crystal Silicone Chillum - Phunnel Bowl Design

Crystal Silicone Chillum - Phunnel Bowl Design

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  • Compatible with every hookah and HMD
  • No need of a bowl grommet
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • No residue smell after cleaning
  • Allow good heat flow from the charcoal
  • Bowl holds 15-20gm of flavor
  • Made with high-quality glass and silicone material
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Order will be processed according to color availability

Crystal Silicone chillum is one of the best-selling chillums in the market. It enhances your shisha experience with its countless features. You can use this chillum with any hookah and there is no need for any bowl grommet.

  • Bowl Design: Bowl of this chillum is made with high-quality glass which can hold 15-20gm of flavor. Bowl is specially designed for every HMD and allows good heat flow from charcoal This bowl design also protects your flavor from falling into a shisha base.
  • No Stinky Smell: You can clean or wash crystal silicone chillum very easily and it didn’t allow previously used flavor fragrances to ruin your ongoing shisha session.
  • Heat Resistance: Crystal Silicone Chillum can absorb a huge amount of heat which helps your flavor to burn last long and give good smoke flow.
  • Dimensions: Top Dimension: 8.2cm

Bottom Dimension: 4cm Height: 2cm Depth: 2cm

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