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Don Gargoyle Phunnel Hookah Bowl / Chillum

Don Gargoyle Phunnel Hookah Bowl / Chillum

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  • 100% Original
  • Imported hookah bowl
  • Made in Russia
  • Made with glazed ceramics
  • Amazing product for a long hookah session
  • Compatible with all types of hookahs
  • Can be used with heat management devices (klouds) as well
  • At once can hold up to the 15-20gram flavor

Don Gargoyle is a luxurious and premium look hookah bowl which is now available in stock. It is a 100% original product which is directly imported from Russia.

Let's check out its other features:

  • Quality: Don Gargoyle hookah bowl is made up of high-quality glazed ceramic material. The design of this chillum is specially designed by experts. It is also popular with the name of"Killer Bowl".
  • Portable/Compatible: Don Gargoyle hookah bowl is easily compatible with all types of hookahs. You can use klouds (heat management device) as well with this bowl.
  • Flavor: At once it can hold up to 15-20gram flavor. It will surely give you a long-lasting smoking session.
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