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Ferris Heat Management Device (HMD) for Hookah

Ferris Heat Management Device (HMD) for Hookah

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  • Aluminum made item
  • Most important hookah accessory
  • Alternate of foil paper
  • Designer shape cap
  • Easy to rotate charcoal
  • Can hold 3 coconut charcoal
  • Allow the good smoke flow
  • Good one time investment
  • Compatible with all types of bowls

Why to get it?

  • Accessory: Ferris HMD is a must have hookah accessory. It is the best alternative of foil paper.
  • Aluminum: This designer heat management system is made up of very fine quality aluminum.
  • Compatible: Ferris HMD is compatible with all types of hookah chillums or bowls. You can use it with phunnel as well.
  • Portable: A handy product which is easy to carry, wash and use. If you are a travel freak then you can invest in it. Best for outdoor shisha sessions.
  • Smoke: It allows a good smoke flow between them or chillum. You can generate heavy smoke by using Ferris.
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