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Flake Ceramic Chillum for Hookah

Flake Ceramic Chillum for Hookah

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  • Easy to wash and clean
  • High quality ceramic material
  • Single phunnel bowl design
  • Designed to produce dense smoke
  • Absorbs a large amount of heat
  • Long-lasting flavor burning time
  • Holds up to 20-25gm of flavor
  • Available different colors & shades

Flake Ceramic Chillum is a very premium and high-quality chillum which is specially designed to produce dense and heavy smoke.

  • Bowl Design:Flake Ceramic chillum is a single hole phunnel bowl design which doesn’t let your flavor to fall in shisha base and provides dense flavorful smoke.
  • Decorative: Fancy hookah phunnel with various designs.
  • Quality:High quality ceramic material is used in Flake chillum which can absorb huge amount of heat and protect your flavor from heat.
  • Capacity:Flake ceramic chillum can hold up-to 20-25gm of flavor.
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