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Fumo Disposable Hookah Hose / Pipe

Fumo Disposable Hookah Hose / Pipe

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What are its main points?

  • Brand: Fumo
  • Length: 1.5 metre
  • Lightweight accessory
  • Fit in any type of hookah
  • Use and throw product (easily washed also)
  • Long size handle
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Used in many cafes as well

Why to use it?

  • Lightweight: Fumo disposable pipes' weight is very low. You can comfortably carry and use it.
  • Portable: This disposable pipe can easily be fitted with any type of small, big, large, mini, tao hookah set.
  • Quality: A high-quality hose which does not retain any flavor from previous sessions.
  • Handle: Well-designed long handle comes with this disposable hose which is easy to grip.
  • Multi-Color: Fumo disposable pipes are available in multiple colors with different shades as you can see in images.
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