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Laltain Hookah

Laltain Hookah

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  • Color : Golden
  • Height : 24+ inches (from surface)

Scope of Delivery

  • ceramic bowl
  • metal down stem
  • metallic upper portion
  • diffuser
  • silicone pipe
  • metal handle 
  • tong
  • LED light & remote


  • Stem : metallic upper portion
  • Base : cut design glass
  • Bowl : ceramic
  • Pipe : silicone
  • Handle : metal
  • Tong : Aluminum
  • LED : acrylic


  • Laltain design hookah in collection
  • One of the unique and trending ones
  • Metallic golden coated body
  • Crystal cut design glass pot
  • Back pressure nob for waste smoke exhalation
  • Good stability at base
  • Smoke offering is also good
  • Ceramic bowl for dense smoke
  • Food grade quality silicone pipe with metal handle



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Laltain Hookah

The Laltain Hookah is a designer hookah with a metallic golden coated body, crystal cut glass pot, and a ceramic bowl for dense smoke.

It also has a back pressure knob for waste smoke exhalation and a food grade quality silicone pipe with a metal handle.

Performance Video

Hookah with Elegance

This hookah isn't just for show, it's for creating unforgettable experiences.

Imagine chilling with friends, the Laltain casting a warm glow, and the aroma of your favorite flavor filling the air.

Pure bliss.