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og Hobo Hookah (Fit on any bottle) - Silver

og Hobo Hookah (Fit on any bottle) - Silver

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  • Color : Silver
  • Height : depends on your bottle size

Scope of Delivery

  • upper stem
  • coal plate
  • down stem
  • chillum grommet


  • Stem : metallic designer stem
  • Plate : metallic
  • Down stem : metallic
  • Grommet : silicone


  • Convert any bottle into hookah by using this device
  • Easy to fit on any empty glass/acrylic bottle
  • Good tight fitting with bottle (with help of silicone fitted on it)
  • Offers good smoke
  • Portable device (suitable for outdoor sessions)
  • Fit your any bowl and HMD on top
  • Only stem, plate and down stem comes in it.
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