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og Micro Hookah

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Rs. 1,449.00
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Rs. 2,499.00
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Rs. 1,449.00
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Portable hookah
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • High grade metal hookah
  • Diffuser fitted down stem
  • Smoke release pressure nob
  • No residue smell after wash
  • Premium quality glass base
  • Get huge and dense smoke session
  • Components in Bag:Strong glass base, Down stem with diffuser, Premium quality silicone pipe, chillum
  • Order will be processed according to color availability

Why to grab it?

  • Base:The base of this hookah is made with strong glass material and the shape of the base looks elegant and attractive.
  • Portability:You can easily carry OG Micro hookah in the bag/box and enjoy your hookah session anytime.
  • Down Stem:You can get a diffuser fitted metal stem with this hookah.
  • Silicone Pipe:OG Micro hookah comes along with food-grade silicone pipe which allows a good smoke flow.
  • Chillum:You can get high-grade silicone chillum with this hookah. This chillum can absorb a huge amount of heat and didn’t melt down.

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