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Phantom Hookah - X Function

Phantom Hookah - X Function

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What are its main features?

  • Russian design tao
  • Small size model
  • Elegant transparent glass base
  • X Function technology metal stem
  • Smoke exhales from the upper body
  • Silicone hose with metal handle
  • Phunnel bowl & HMD included

Why to get it?

  • X function Technology: One of the main points to grab this model is its special X function technology. The entire back smoke exhales from its stem.
  • Base: Phantom hookah comes with a transparent glass base.
  • Bowl: For decent smoke flow we offer a special designer phunnel with it.
  • HMD: An aluminum HMD is also given with it.
  • Hose/Pipe: A food-grade quality silicone hose is available with Phantom shisha.
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